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Bingo! Dog Training & Boarding School is located in the beautiful rolling hills of the Royal Oaks community in Watsonville, CA.  As our clients know, this is not your typical Dog Boarding environment.  Your dog will love staying with us!

Many people are uncomfortable by the thought of their dog staying in a kennel environment. We feel the same way. That’s why our environment is so special.  Your dog will be living in our home and be treated like one of the family. Your companion will enjoy playing in a fully fenced, large, secure, private area on the property or just relaxing in our home. If your dog needs a nap or just needs to relax he or she will have the opportunity to do so in peace. If your dog likes to be active there is no better environment.

The number of guests is limited to ensure everyone gets plenty of love, personal attention, training and play time.

My Boarding School program is designed to address your individual needs.   Training is typically accomplished during a 2 – 4 week stay at my home and is specifically tailored to meet your needs.   Your written input on my contract coupled with a talk on the phone will help me understand your needs and allow me to make recommendations if need be. 

Immersion training technique coupled with field trips speeds learning & retention.  Similar to learning Italian in class once a week vs living in Italy with an Italian family, immersion speeds learning and retention because situations are real and repeated frequently. I will work with your dog on my property and off my property; both on-leash and off-leash. Training in a variety of environments and situations will help your dog become ‘fluent’ with the verbal cues and hand signals introduced.   

Why choose a Boarding School Program  - Teaching new skills and/or changing undesirable behaviors requires lot of repetition and consistency in the early stages along with a good understanding of how dogs learn.  Many pet owners are unable to meet that requirement. Boarding School provides a solution to this training dilemma. Over the years, I have had great success in helping people with their dog’s education. The training techniques used are gentle, respectful and work on all breeds and all types of dogs, primarily because they are well grounded in the science of how animals learn.  Clients often watch in awe as their dogs demonstrate such a clear understanding of what is being asked of them after a Boarding School course has been completed.

I’ll Be Training You Too - At the end of your dogs visit, I will train you with your dog.  Training is an ongoing process that requires regular involvement by those handling the dog on a day-to-day basis.  It is my goal to take your dog as far as I can in the time allotted. I will then provide you with the knowledge and skills that will allow you to continue training your dog in an effective, efficient manner.  Knowledge transfer normally takes place upon pick-up and may take up to 2-hours.  Boarding School clients are also encouraged to take 1-series of group classes (6-weeks in duration) free of charge (a $185 value) for every 2-weeks of Boarding School completed. 

For your dog's safety and enjoyment and the safety and enjoyment of other guests, dogs are accepted for boarding and boarding school on a case by case basis. Certain criteria apply.

Below is a list of some of the criteria for stays. If you are accepted as our guest, you will receive other information, a questionnaire to complete, and a contract to review prior to dropping off your dog.


  • Dogs are at least 4-months of age
  • Dogs over the age of 6 months must be spayed or neutered
  • (exceptions apply on a case by case basis, i.e. show/breeding dogs)
  • Dog does not jump over or climb under fences
  • Dog must be healthy, parasite and flea free and current with vaccinations

View the Boarding School Rates and Contract

"Our 100lb., 8-month-old golden retriever was simply undisciplined and out of control.  "Big Ben" just could not be left alone with any kind of food on the kitchen counter, or he would simply help himself.  He was unable to greet visitors without a jumping body slam and taking him for a walk was like having your arm yanked out of the socket.  We knew that as our "puppy" continued to grow, our situation would only get worse and without the time and skills to properly train "Benny", we knew we needed a professional.

Cynthia Edgerly's boarding school was like sending Benny to charm school. I could not believe the make-over she did after only 10 days.  My husband and I hardly recognized our little buddy who had acquired manners that we had only dreamed of him having before and we could not stop smiling or laughing with delight  It worked!  And beyond that, Cynthia took extra special care and patience to make sure that after she trained Benny that she trained us too.  What a wonderful experience for us all."

Cynthia, we are forever grateful to you.  Thank you-thank you-thank you!
Best Regards,
Kate Moore

Hi Cynthia, 

" Thanks for following up on Jack.  Jack is doing exceptionally well.  He has been with us in the house since his return from your lovely Boarding School.  All five of our family members are using the same language with him, and he is just pleased as punch to be “on his bed” in the midst of our family activities. 

He does his “waiting” at doorways when we leave the house, and he hasn’t run through the house like a madman at all.  

It’s so great to have him in the house.  He gets so much more love and attention just being among us, and he’s far less anxious. "


Sincerely, Renee Curry 

View the Boarding School Rates and Contract

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