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"Thank you so much for everything! Your patience and good humor have made coming to class a real pleasure.  Gabriel has learned so much in the Basics 1 & 2, and we are amazed at his capacity for learning new things.  And as newer doggie parents, we have gained confidence and a deeper understanding of our little guy.  We will wholeheartedly recommend your class to everyone!" Bryan, Stephanie & Gabriel

Lalo and I loved your class. I feel like Lalo and I communicate a lot better and we're both less frustrated. I enjoy the written material and use it as a reference regularly. We look forward to taking the level 2 class! Adriana - Santa Cruz


“Cynthia, I am forever grateful for the work you did with my (now) sweet girl!

Ginger (Vizsla/Rhodesian Ridgeback?) was a rescue dog who had been abandoned in a field for most of her life. When I brought her into my house at about 6 or 8 months of age, she was, quite literally, wild. She tried to crash through my windows, she ate my house plants, she barked constantly, lunged and jumped at people, ran away, couldn't be contained in a car or on a leash, chased cars--every negative behavior a dog could possibly have, Ginger had Big Time! I was seriously considering re-homing her, as I just couldn't handle her, despite a lifetime of living and working with dogs. But I knew she could never find another home with all her behavior problems, and she deserved a loving environment. 

Cynthia worked with us a couple of times and made herself available constantly by e-mail. She taught me how to deal with Ginger's behavior and needs. Today, Ginger may not be "perfect," but all the negative behaviors are gone and she is the sweetest, calmest, most loveable dog imaginable. She is very socialized, greets company politely and never jumps, loves riding in the car, never runs away anymore, and loves being a dog!”

Heather MacCurdy

Angela & Sadie

Watsonville Grads

Terry, Melissa, Dewey & Wilson

Nancy, Paulette & Wookie

Mike & Miles

Gisela w/April &  Wolfgang w/Dino

Kathy & Viva

Wendy & Tryggr

"Kayleigh is my high energy girl and your training has helped us so much.  Having an Australian Shepherd puppy as part of our family and managing her with my two children (age 3 and 9) has been very challenging with this breeds desire to herd the kids.  I was really starting to have doubts about keeping her before we started the basic level training.   Now Kayleigh is doing great and my whole family loves practicing the training techniques you provide.  There are two very important things that I found to be so helpful in working with Kayleigh.  One, is that you taught me to never put Kayleigh in a position where she will fail at training or in her environment.  The second most valuable thing I learned is that yelling at Kayleigh or loosing my patience does neither her or myself any good.  Giving time outs for both of us works.Thanks for everything Cynthia.   Diana"

Before starting training it wasn't clear whether I could keep this dog.  She was extremely fearful and she ran away for 2-1/2 months.  When we first started training with Cynthia, Lola would hardly come out of her hiding spot.  With Cynthia's enthusiasm and insight into fearful dogs, she was able to help bring Lola out and help her enjoy the experience.  Over just a few months, Lola's self-confidence and self-esteem have increased dramatically.  Lola "get's it" now, she loves Cynthia's visit -- she thinks Cynthia is just here to play play with her -- but she's learning how to communicate with me -- and me with her.  To me, Cynthia's visits are "doggie magic" -- she knows how to bring out the right behaviors in Lola, and guides me to the best ways to communicate with her in a positive way.  Thank You Cynthia!  Peter & Lola

Jeannine & Zoli

"Lindy had great fun in your class and she even learned to roll over and play dead - which I thought was impossible, since she doesn't always take tricks seriously.  But you let her have fun and do it her way, and that made all the difference.  Thanks!" Janet

Mike & Bolt

Dee & Sammy

Mimi & Osa

is that cattle dog upside down?....

We enrolled in Cynthia's Level 1 class shortly after adopting our first puppy, and our entire family learned a great deal.  Cynthia clearly knows her stuff, and she shares her expertise in a manner that is both professional and fun. Cynthia explained things very well, and every session was very useful and well organized. We appreciated how well Cynthia managed and facilitated the interaction of dogs with different temperaments and issues. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience; our children -- and our puppy -- looked forward to going to class each week. We will continue to take Cynthia's classes and recommend her to others. 

 Julie Aronson

Peter & Changa-Maya

Lorraine & Rusty

Ryan & Roma

Nancy & Charlie

Nancy & Chaleira  

Kristen & Maverick

Elizabeth & Mitzi

I can't tell you how much we enjoyed your class and how much fun we are having with Molly because of it. Everyone that gets a puppy needs to take your class and I'll make sure I tell everyone I know. Dan & Colleen Clark

Terri & Penny

Paula, Doug & Buckles

Jacqueline and Nissa

Peg & Tessa

I want to thank you for helping us to train Dodger. I/we have experienced many styles of training, including one where I was in tears watching a trainer work very severely with my puppy (years ago), and your method is the the kindest, most gentle and yet very effective that I have ever seen.
Thank you.
Susan Daniels

Summer gets a big hug from Maggie

Kathe gets Elvis to do the 'Moon Walk'

"Thank you Cynthia for helping us to help Elvis realize that Ken really isn't an "ogre"! We've been practicing what you advised including having Ken accompany us on our walks around the neighborhood without Elvis getting too panicky. As you've told us, progress happens in tiny steps and can't be forced. At last, peace is back in our family! Three grateful clients: Kathe, Ken and Elvis"

Theresa, Lloyd & Sheba

Maggie & Roxie

“We never expected to see so much improvement so fast, but Cynthia’s guidance is clear and practical. Because of her loving, positive and intuitive approach, our dog (Schotsie) got over the trauma of being attacked by two dogs who were off their leads. She has given us a better understanding of his needs and how we can help him be happier. We have also really enjoyed going on Field Trips with Cynthia – we now have new places to go that we all enjoy. I would recommend Cynthia to anyone without hesitation.”

Leila and Russ

Page sings as Nibby plays harmonica

Dan, Margo & Alex

Amy, Chris & Gracie 

Kat & Bosco

Claire, Emily & Frida

Susanne & Teddy

Hannah & Laia

Linda & Frankie

Noah & Bodie

Julia & Delilah


Nancy, Vince and Roxy

Nik and Boone

Ceylan and Grace

Jeff & Cowboy

Lily & Sally

Pam & Sadie

Candace & Bentlee

Terri & Henry

Ginger & Uma Da Puma

Austin, Sarah & Carter

Adrienne & Space Ghost

Katie & Chailey

Sherry & Scout


Janet & Lindy

Lisa & Jazz

Cathy & Elvis

Barbara & Tai

Erin & Willy

My family and our puppy dog had the most pleasant experience at Bingo! Dog Training.  Cynthia provides a clear structure that is easy to follow and that makes sense.  Our out-of-control Lab puppy is now (mostly) well-behaved and we have become better dog trainers, too. 

Patricia & Kona

Emily & Mitchell

Puala, Gina  & Jet

Dixie & Abby

Bob & Sienna

Lisa & Jazz

Julia and Kekua




Love the small class size.  I always enjoy your classes.  You are energetic, happy and a good instructor.  Thank you! (Riley thanks you, too)"

Susan Fuller

Erin & Penny

Tia, Terry & Pogo

Jessica & Zorro

Cathe & Kaili

Joe, ReNaye & Rocky

Julio, Lilian, Sarah & Fennel


"We all, Cosmo, John and I,  really enjoyed Basics II Dog Training.  And I feel really grateful for some of the skills you have helped me develop with Cosmo.  I feel a lot less nervous about having him off leash, thanks to you.  And I want to thank you too for the time you spent each week on the very individual, specific problems we each had with our dogs.  It was such a valuable class. You are a wonderful teacher and lots of dogs need you [so you can train their humans!]"  Ellen Lowenstein

Elisabeth, Jacob & Lola

“Cynthia provided us with invaluable advice and techniques to improve our relationship with our dog, Lola. Not only is Lola better behaved, she is also happier. And a happy dog means happy owners. Cynthia clearly has a deep understanding of how dogs communicate. After taking classes with Cynthia, we are better able to understand and direct Lola. Lola is a high-energy dog with a less than perfect attention span, but Cynthia has shown nothing but patience and understanding. 

Perhaps the most valuable thing Cynthia has helped us with is Lola's fearfulness of men and strangers.  After a single in-home session with Cynthia, Lola's shyness rapidly diminished.  I learned how to help Lola see men and strangers in a positive light, rather than something scary.  This has made it much more pleasant for all concerned on walks and when we have company. With Cynthia’s help, Lola is blossoming into the wonderful girl we always knew she could be. Thanks, Cynthia!”

Elisabeth Forrest

Carl & Sheila

Eric, Amanda & Arroyo

Thea, Henry & Lily

Alix, Bill & Chai

Ana, David & Ziggy

Matt, Danielle & Blue

Kacie & Kayleigh


Megan, Sean & Kira 


Elizabeth and Lola

Sandy & Sunny

Ashleigh, Joey & Kaya

Ginger & I had a wonderful time in Cynthia's Heart-Tickling-Tricks class! Learning tricks seems to really stimulate Ginger and I can see such a difference from that mental stimulation in how it effects her daily life: she shows less destructive behavior (digging & chewing up the yard), and she is more confident with other dogs & people. She loves the discovery process of trying to figure out what she's being asked to do and then of course; she loves the attention and showing off her new found skills! Her current favorites now seem to be: Take A Bow, High Five, and Play Dead (a real crowd pleaser!). Cynthia's trick class is unique because she not only teaches the basic tricks, but she also shows you how to continue creating your own tricks & inventions. Thanks Cynthia, we both had a great time! Saira Kennedy

Jan & Lucy

The Scribner Pack


Isda & Jesse


Linda, Lee & Angel

Darragh and Django

Terry - Kathleen

Hardy - Deuce - Jozey

Cynthia brings that rare combination of knowledge, experience, and intuitive insight to her training classes, and seasons it with a great sense of fun that all dogs (and owners) enjoy.  She sticks with any training challenge until it's mastered, and is a real delight to get to know.   

Pat Tinsley McGill, Ph.D. & Philo

Play Time!

Ed, Zoe & Gouda

Stephanne, Erik & Jane

Sandy & Tucker

Keri, Garrett & Lucy 

Elaine & Angelina

One of his greatest accomplishments was teaching Cathy to rub his belly on cue.

Cynthia's Level 1 class was just what Annabelle, a shy and fearful rescue dog, needed. Annabelle is starting to blossom into the smart and happy dog she was meant to be and I credit that to Cynthia's superb teaching methods and gentle manner. Her class is something to look forward to and I highly recommend it. 

Mary-Eileen Gallagher

My name is Liz Bullard and my dog is Ernie. I found Ernie at the Scotts Valley Animal Shelter and took him home April of this year. Ernie is a sweet dog but from the start I had problems with him guarding objects and occasionally growling at me, children and some adults. I was able to enroll Ernie in Cynthia’s Level I class and also hired her for one private lesson to help with his challenging behaviors.  

Cynthia showed me how to handle Ernie.  Between the private lesson and the Level I class, I feel more confident working with Ernie. He can now “happily” leave objects that he used to guard. Cynthia also showed me how to handle his growling behavior.  He still is a bit distrustful of some people but because of how I manage his environment, his growling rarely occurs.

By-the-way, Ernie loves Cynthia. On Thursday evenings when we drive into Santa Cruz for class and make that last turn into the parking lot, Ernie immediately knows where he is and becomes very excited. He doesn’t calm down until he is able greet Cynthia and give her a ton of kisses.  I feel very fortunate to have found Cynthia and to have learned so much from her in a short period of time. Sincerely Liz Bullard

Deanna, James and Banzai

Bill & Decker

Bob & Pete


Jimmi w/Dink

Susie w/Sophie


Photos courtesy of Rebecca Cress

Ocean, Rose, David & China

Mercy, Nicco and Rigby

Our puppy, Bella, was in Cynthia Edgerly's Basic Puppy Class. Cindy was really wonderful with all the puppies. My trust in her knowledge and handling of various situations continued to grow with each weekly lesson. She helped me with my puppy's tendency to be aggressive. I would highly recommend her to any one thinking of training their pet.

Sincerely, Alexi Sanders - Santa Cruz, CA

Kay and Baxter

Thank you so much for your work with Baxter in the Level 1 class.  As a
 result of your suggestions and patience in teaching both of us how to
 communicate in a positive way, he hasn't shown any aggression or
 attempts to bite in a number of months.  The change wasn't overnight but a gradual move from overreaction to compliance.  Using time-out has been a wonderful tool.  It helps him pull himself together when he gets
 overwrought and gives me time to relax before dealing with his behavior.  And you were right about the tricks - when he starts to obsess about
 someone or something outside the house I call him over and we have a lesson with lots of rewards.  He loves the extra attention, forgets about
 whatever was causing him stress, and now has a whole range of tricks to
 show off for company.  (He can even count to six!)  We're looking forward
 to attending another series of classes when our schedules allow.

The Pringle Family


Jozey shows-off his pick-pocket skills

Mike & Frank

Susan & Puck

Hi Cynthia,

Thank you again for your help...Bandit resumed his regular toilet habits on the gravel after only ONE super treat of chicken the next morning, YEAH!...and he's been going there ever since.

Lucy is appearing less stressed, no drooling, much less whining,pacing and I've really been working on my interactions using all your suggestions and it's
working!!....another YEAH!

and ......we've ALL been walked 1-2 x a day since your visit. I feel closer to our dogs then ever before and I thank you for your talent and help in bringing more "harmony" to our family.


I met Cynthia when I signed up my puppy (Sassy) for puppy classes. 

I consider both Sassy and myself lucky to have her as a trainer. She proved to be intuitive and sensitive to both the people and the dogs in the class.
I feel that the time in the class was well spent and hope to continue working with her on an individual basis in the future. 

John Birchfield

Margaret & Mocha

Lisa & Olive Shake

My family had an outstanding experience taking Cynthia Edgerly's basic dog training class. Our puppy, Marco, made great strides in the class, and her advice continues to guide us through his first year. Both my children (5 and 9 years old) attended the class and Cynthia did such a great job of including them. She was kind and took them seriously, and the chaos that they inevitably added to the class never threw her off.

One of the most positive results of the class for me was seeing my kids' confidence with their dog increase so markedly. I also really appreciated that no one in the class was ever made to feel ashamed about their dog's behavior. Through the lessons in each class and through Cynthia's thoughtful advice on all the different challenges our dogs were presenting, the positive reward training mentality (to which I had been a relative stranger) started to become a reflex for me.  

Ginny Troyer


The Bauerle Family

I sure loved your class! You are a wonderful teacher! Molly, Conor & Sasha

Marie, Griffin & Miss Violet

Inga & Nala

Roberta & Maxx

Sarah & Ceejay

Great teacher! Cynthia is very clear and concise in her communication. My dog (Vader) really excelled! Inga Knudson

Bailey - Photo courtesy of Linday Cordy

The Murphy Family

My dog (Reni) and I have had the pleasure of attending both the Level 1 and Level 2 obedience classes.  We have found Cynthia to be the most patient teacher and coach, always finding a way to get the message across.  We recently attended a Field Trip to Henry Cowell Park that incorporated both training and fun for the dogs and owners, exposing them to new sights and sounds.  I recommend her sessions to any one looking to expand their training opportunities with their favorite friend.  Melinda Johnson  

Thanks for everything. We really enjoyed the class and are amazed at what Jazmine can now do!  Kristen, Ryan & Jazmine

Katie & Ginger

Kathleen & Deuce 

Sue  & Bella

Wolfgang & Dino

John, Carolyn & Katie

Ryan, Jaqueline & Riley

Georgann & Nessie

      You're a Super Star !

Bob & Sophie 

Melissa, Peter & Emmie

Erin & Fiona (playing dead)



Photo courtesy of Mike Walton

"I enjoyed your class very much!   You're a great instructor and seem to delight in all the quirky pooch personalities, which made the class easy going and fun!   I learned a lot and appreciate having the manual to refer to for future training.  I think Diego benefited immensely from the encouraging  atmosphere, especially in becoming more socialized around other dogs."  Susan & Diego

Eric, Owen & Shadow 

Laura & Coco 

Doug, Lori & Casper

M.C. & Ellen

Mary,  Kathy & Megan 

Dan, Victoria & Sputnik 

Leon & Pepsi 

"Cynthia is a great trainer - upbeat and positive. I enjoyed my classes with her - and I know my dog, Danny, did as well."

Phyllis Neumann

Steve, Kay & Marley

Maggie & Luke   

Jason & Lucy

Pina, Sandra & Smokey

The McLain Family

Tom & Sherman

Taylor, Gabriel & Luna 

Darrin & Stella 

Mr. Darcy

Dan & Sasha

Pam & Dewey

Debbie & Mollie

Eric & Freckles

John & Miles


Paul & Lobo 

Justine & Betty

Joan & Beau 

Kea & Oswald

Barbara & Rosco

Soraya, Sarah, Mark & Soybean


Jennifer & Zoey

James, Jennifer & Gromit 

Monica, Rick & Kona 

Tanya & Seshu 

Denise, Bob & Kenzy 


Rory, Jenner & Kobie


Julie & Eddie 



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