Bingo Dog Training

Three dogs sitting on the grass

"Cynthia Edgerly's training was like sending Benny to charm school.”

—Kate Moore, Benny's “mom”


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Whether you’re a proud parent of a new puppy/dog or a somewhat frustrated parent of a not so well behaved dog, I hope you will get started on the path to building a more positive relationship through training. Most dogs don’t come into this world understanding how to function in human society as we would like them to, they need our guidance so they (and we) can have full lives that include as much freedom, fun and companionship as possible.

Well educated puppies and dogs are often:

  • Free to stay inside the house and outside of a crate when you are gone
  • Allowed to run through parks and beaches unleashed
  • Allowed to attend your friends gatherings with you
  • Allowed to have a meal or coffee with you at an outdoor café
  • Provided more walks because they are a joy to walk with on leash
  • Provided more freedom in general because you took the time to explain the rules in a way they understood
A group of dogs sitting together

Dog Behavior Help

Most dog behaviors we “parents” find inappropriate aren’t intended to be a challenge to our authority — they’re just natural dog behaviors. After all, dogs just want to have fun, be part of the family, and have some purpose – they’re not conspiring to take over the throne! And they don’t always know that those chewable-looking shoes aren’t toys 😉

Dog Boarding School

Just because this family member is a different species doesn’t mean you need to let confusion and havoc prevail. My training will let you move beyond just saying NO! all the time — it will show you how to provide your dog with information about what’s right.

Private Dog Training Lessons

My training methods work on all breeds and types of dogs, because they are well-grounded in the science of how animals learn.  And, I’m the solo trainer at Bingo!, so you can be sure that your dog will get the very best in professional training.

I teach my clients how to better understand their dog and how to communicate in a meaningful way — and my training works.

Happy Dog Parent Testimonials

“I had a wonderful experience with Cynthia, and I'm looking forward to working with her again! Cynthia demonstrates the skills needed to be a great teacher - communication, clarity of content delivery, and patience. Being a teacher myself,”

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Four dogs sitting on the grass in a yard.
A dog laying on the ground with its head down.