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Why Positive Reinforcement Works

Because it is grounded in the science of how dogs learn and anyone can do it.

With Positive Reinforcement training, we teach dogs manners and the meaning of words or hand-signals using a reward-based system. When a dog does something we like, we give that dog something they like – food, toys, belly rubs, play, praise, etc. Dogs, being the clever companions they are, quickly learn which behaviors get rewarded and repeat those behaviors in the future.

Because the use of Positive Reinforcement is so encouraging and gentle, it builds a dogs trust and confidence. This aspect is extremely important because the primary cause of behavior problems in dogs is anxiety. By choosing to use Positive Reinforcement training methods whenever possible, we can greatly diminish the chance of our dogs developing behavior problems.

What I like most about PR training is how fun it is for the dogs AND the people – even children can participate in the process!

As a student in school, were you ever lucky enough to get a seat in a class that was always in high demand and filled-up early, a class where the teacher had a talent for presenting seemingly dull material in a way that was so clear and interesting you couldn’t help but pass the class with flying colors and like it?

Now imagine becoming that kind of teacher for your dog. You can do it – I will show you how. One of my main objectives is to help you develop skills that will bring out the best in your dog inside and outside of class.

As you learn to better communicate with your dog, I will also help you understand how your dog is communicating with you. Did you know our dogs are constantly communicating with us in a language they believe we understand? As we gain a better understanding our dogs language we often gain the knowledge needed to form deeper relationships with them.

Whatever your desired outcome, there is no better time than the present to start on the path toward building a more positive relationship through training.

Cynthia Edgerly, owner of Bingo! Dog Training in Watsonville, CA, is a Professional Dog Trainer & Certified Dog Behavior Consultant.

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