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The Bingo! Dog Training boarding school is located in the beautiful rolling hills of the Royal Oaks community in Watsonville, California. A short drive from Hwy 101 and Hwy 1, our Boarding School is an easy drive from surrounding areas.

Why choose MY boarding school program

Over the years, it has been my passion and pleasure to have worked with 1000’s of dogs and people. I am an expert dog trainer and the only trainer your dog will be working with so there will be no doubt as to the quality of work being done or the commitment to that work.  

My Boarding School has provided me the opportunity to have a truly intimate connection with many different dogs, taking my knowledge and skills to a much higher level. My training has become more insightful, adaptive, and more like an art form. I like thinking out of the box, and since no dog or person is exactly the same – I’ve learned how to best modify things to help specific individuals.

Training is accomplished during a 2-week stay at my home and is specifically tailored to meet your needs. Your written input on my contract coupled with a conversation on the phone will help me understand your needs and allow me to make recommendations if need be.

My immersion training technique coupled with field trips speeds learning & retention. Similar to living with a Spanish speaking family vs. taking Spanish lessons once a week, immersion speeds learning and retention because situations are real and repeated frequently. I will work with your dog on my property and off my property; both on-leash and off-leash. Training in a variety of environments and situations will help ensure ‘fluency’ with the verbal cues and hand signals.

Teaching new skills and changing undesirable behaviors requires a lot of repetition and consistency along with a good understanding of how dogs learn. Because your dog will be living with me, as part of my family, that requirement will be met. And, your dog will get training in the ‘real life’ scenarios that are so beneficial and often missing from boarding school programs where dogs stay at a boarding facility vs. home. 

 Over the years, I have had great success in helping people with their dogs education. The training techniques used work on all breeds and all types of dogs, primarily because they are well grounded in the science of how animals learn. Clients often watch in awe as their dogs demonstrate a clear understanding what is being asked of them after a Boarding School. 

I’ll Be Training You Too

At the end of your dogs visit, we will spend approximately 2-hours together for knowledge transfer and coaching.  I will explain my findings regarding your dogs temperament, motivators and learning style as I demonstrate how to best communicate with your dog and coach you on how to do the same. You will be welcome to video our session together and will be sent home with detailed written materials to reference.

Continuing Education

It will be important for everyone in the household to practice once you get home and gradually integrate the skills into daily life. Just 20-minutes/day can make a world of difference!

I am available for in-person, one-on-one coaching sessions at your home or mine, conference calls and zoom meetings should you need additional help after you get home.

Criteria for Stays
For your dogs safety and enjoyment and the safety and enjoyment of other guests, dogs are accepted for boarding and boarding school on a case-by-case basis. Certain criteria apply.

Below is a list of some of the criteria for stays.

Dog must be at least 4-months of age and have all their vaccinations completed

Dogs over the age of 9 months must be spayed or neutered

Dog must be tolerant of other dogs and people

Dog must be healthy, parasite and flea free and current with vaccinations

Rate for Boarding School is $3150 for 2-weeks

Three dogs playing with a toy in the grass.