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Urine Marking Behavior & How To Stop It

Cynthia Edgerly – Bingo! Dog Training

Urine marking is a normal, instinctive dog behavior that is most frequently exhibited by males but also sometimes by females.   And while humans often find this behavior upsetting, to dogs it is something of great interest.  Urine marking is one way dogs communicate with each other.

Through urine marking alone dogs can establish territory, social order or advertise mating availability.  There is even evidence that dogs get important health related information from this practice.

Dogs that suddenly begin to mark in the house, even if they’ve never done it before, often start due to feelings of insecurity or a perceived threat. These feelings can result from the introduction of new people, pets or objects into the home.  Loud noises outside of the home like neighborhood construction projects and storms may also increase insecurity.

Some dogs never mark in their own house but tend to mark anytime you go into a friend or relative’s home. Laying down familiar scent can make dogs feel more at home.

Below are some tips to prevent or stop marking indoors

Cynthia Edgerly, owner of Bingo! Dog Training in Watsonville, CA, is a Professional Dog Trainer & Certified Dog Behavior Consultant.

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